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Patent pending lithium- mediated ammonia synthesis process.

The final system will only require air, water, and green electricity to synthesize sustainable and decentral ammonia directly at the point-of-use.

The container-sized units can stand at the farm, greenhouse, or facility generating the necessary ammonia by demand. The technology is easily scalable to fit the needs of any farm.



kg CO2 saved per kg NH3



Renewable process


Transportation and logistics

Changing the future, one field at a time.

We’re based on 7 years of academic research

The idea started at the Technical University of Denmark in 2017, and is supported by numerous high-impact peer-reviewed publications in Nature, Science, and more.
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A team of visionaries, scientists, makers and doers

Our CEO and CTO discovered and pioneered the ammonia synthesis process, envisioning a world where decentralized and sustainable ammonia is available to all.  
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Empowering farmers, all over the world

The Nitrolyzer unit gives farmers all over the world control over their own production of nitrogen-based fertilizers, and thereby resiliency towards supply chain disruptions.

How our technology works

How to make fertilizer from only water, air and green electricity.
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Groundbreaking science

Learn about the academic science behind NitroVolt.
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“The way ammonia is made today emits around 1.5% of our global CO2 emissions - This is a problem

Suzanne Zamany Andersen, Ph.D. Phys. Eng.
CEO/Founder, NitroVolt



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